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    Cash for Cars Blacktown - Same Day Pickup with Free Removal

    M4 Car Removal Blacktown Pays $7,999 for Scrap, Old & Damaged Cars

    The best thing you can do with an old car that won’t run anymore, or an accident damaged cars, is selling it. But this is easier said than done. Consumers want everything ‘perfect’ today. So, if a car has as much as a ‘scratch’ on it, they won’t buy it. But Cash for Cars Blacktown companies is different. They buy old cars – no matter what condition they are in. M4 Car Removal Blacktown is one such company. We can value your car, give you a top price for it and offer Free Cars Removal Blacktown wide – all on the same day. Call 0492 222 111

    We buy cars of all makes and conditions

    Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda or Ford, the make of your car does not matter. We buy all car brands, be it Japanese, European or American. The condition of your car will also not dissuade us. We Pay Cash For

    Got a car to sell? Irrespective of its make, model or condition, you’ve got a definite cash buyer for it in M4 Car Removal.

    We’ll Work Our Car Removal Schedule According to Yours

    At M4 Car Removal Blacktown, we realise that people are working harder than ever today. Just to keep up.

    It can be hard to take time off from work – just because your Cash for Car dealer is coming around to see your vehicle to evaluate it. So, we Schedule our time around yours. We’ll pick up your car prior to 7 am if you have a full-time job or after 7 pm – so you can shower and be fresh for the Sale Process when it takes place.

    What you’ll need should you decide to sell your car to us?

    To fill in your Notice of Disposal Form and lodge it with the RTA – once we hand over the sum we’ve agreed your vehicle over to you. You can obtain a copy of the form from here

    Documents you’ll need:

    • The vehicle’s NSW registration plate number
    • Your NSW driver license or Photo Card details, or a MyServiceNSW Account connected to Roads and Maritime
    • The new owner’s NSW driver license details, or the NSW motor dealer’s license number
    • The sale date (known as the date of disposal)
    • The sale price or market value of the vehicle (whichever is higher).
    • The rest we’ll take care off.

    All our disposal methods are eco-friendly

    One doesn’t have to be Ian Kiernan (he’s the guy who founded ‘Clean Up Australia Day’) to realise that what gets into our waterways gets into us. If a car or truck is allowed to leach chemicals, paint or the oil from engines into the Earth – it kills all the natural life present in it.

    If the paint, petrol, grease or oil reaches our waterways, it enters them – then us. And that’s what made us decide to do our bit for Mother Nature and adopt the eco-friendly practice in our business. By following industry best practices, we ensure that our car wrecking and recycling is carried out in a very eco-friendly manner, with minimal wastage.

    Blacktown is a nice place

    And it doesn’t matter where in the City you live. We will come to you to inspect your car and formally value it (we provide ‘rough quotes’ over the phone). These quotes are subject to the condition we find your car in.

    Got an old or accident-damaged car that’s collecting nothing but dust?

    Do consider inviting us to quote you on its purchase. We pick up our phones in three rings or less. We can be contacted on 0492 222 111 we’re standing by to taking your call now!

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