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    Cash for Caravans & Campervans - Sell Your Caravan & Get Best Price $15,000 in Sec

    Caravan Removal in Sydney is here to remove your old caravans from your backyard or garage. We will gladly pick a caravan up no matter what condition it’s in, age, or model. We pay cash right away without any haggling or hassles. Use your chance to get up to $15,000 for your old caravan. We offer the following:

    Quick cash payments
    Free caravan removal in the Sydney area
    Free paperwork

    Give us a call, and we will remove the caravan for good.

    Sell Your Campervan or Caravan in Sydney Today

    You must know that we’re more than just an ordinary car removal company. We specialise in removing caravans and campervans. We are looking for all types of caravans in any condition. If you have one in your shed, we will gladly come there and buy it off you.

    The reason why we buy all caravans is that we know how and where to sell them. All vehicles that pass through our caravan removal centre are recycled. Instead of disposing of the caravan in your local landfill, please give it to us and earn some cash without breaking a sweat. 

    We Buy Campers and Caravans in All Conditions

    If you’re sitting on a camper or a caravan and don’t need it, contact us, and we will remove it for you. It can be damaged beyond recognition, and we still want to buy it. Forget about your camper renovation projects, make some room in your garage, and some serious cash. We pay on the spot because we are very serious about our caravan removal services.

    Caravan Removal Services for Free

    Everything about our caravan removal services is free. We will take care of everything needed to remove the caravan from your property without any additional expenses. Our tow team will place the caravan on a trailer, and you will never see it again. Schedule your caravan removal today!

    M4 Car Removals is a Cash for Caravans, Campervans & other scraps, old Car dealer located in Sydney’s Western suburbs that buys Cars, Caravans and Campervans – we pay top dollar for your vehicle and provide Free Caravan & Car Removal Sydney wide.

    What’s good about us is ‘if you have a campervan or caravan to sell’ – no matter what it’s a condition, we will drive to you to inspect and pick it up – paying you cash for your vehicle on the spot.

    That’s right, as we pick up – we pay. How good is that? Get a FREE Quote plus up to $15,000 Cash for Caravan, Campervan or touring vehicle. Using a used caravan for sale website or a backpacker trading post is slow and doesn’t always work.

    Cash for Scrap, Old, Used Campervan – Free Caravan Removal

    We are the most reliable car and campervan buyer. Perks we provide our clients with include same day sale, Free Caravan Removal, instant cash and free paperwork.

    Time money, time is tight. We not only understand this, we cater to it. By providing our clients with a way to sell their campervans after they’ve used them to travel around Australia- fast. We pay upto $15,000. This depends on the condition o9f your Campervan, of course. Our sales process is generally an hour.

    So if you are a tourist, backpacker or Australian single, couple or family – do give us a call.  We pay upto $15,000 for a car, caravan, campervan or touring vehicle. Obtaining a quote over the phone is FREE and will take only 3 minutes of your time. All we need to know is your caravan brand, model, year of manufacture and whether it’s in working condition or not.

    Cash for Caravans & campervan

    Sell your Campervans, not the beautiful memories you’ve had driving it.

    If you’ve been travelling around Australia in a Campervan, and you’d now like to sell it, a Cash for Car dealer may be your best bet to do so. Using a used car for sale website or a backpacker trading post is slow and doesn’t always work.

    Cash for caravan dealers is better because whether you’re a foreigner or a local, they will give you a quote for your Campervan over the phone. If the quote is ok with you – they will also pick up and pay you cash for it – same day, or next day, at the latest. Cash for Caravan Dealer will drive to where you are. Payment is on pick up.

    Nothing beats getting behind the wheel to experience Australia. Australia doesn’t live in the city but in the Country and The Great Outback. If you’re a tourist, backpacker or an Australian single, couple or family whose finished with their caravan or campervan, you’ll be pleased to know that M4 Car Removals will buy it off you – same day – for a good price.

    We buy all types of Caravans & Campervans:

    • Without REGO
    • Caravans that are poor roadworthy or unroadworthy
    • Campervan without Pink Slip or Green Slip
    • Faulty engines, faulty gearboxes, faulty transmission systems
    • Registered – vehicles that are not registered
    • Covered by insurance – vehicles that aren’t

    How do you sell your Campervan quick?

    Step 1 – contact a Cash for Cars dealer you can trust
    Step 2 – give them a call – they will give you a quote for your car over the phone itself
    Step 3 – arrange a time for the Cash for car dealer to visit you
    Step 4 – have all the necessary paperwork to Transfer your Vehicle ready – if you need help your Cash for Car dealer can provide it
    Step 5 – collect your cash – fly home with a smile on your face and in your suitcase

    Full assistance with paperwork provided

    Selling a car is not an easy task. The paperwork you need to fill in for the RTA can be more taxing than the task of car sale itself. We provide FREE Assistance to customers who need it to fill in the Notice of Disposal Forms for the RTA. Please ask your Cash for Car Operator about this service when you call in to enquire about your car sale to us.

    Note: If your vehicle is old,  junk & scrap we will tow it away for you for FREE

    Sell now – Call us today at M4 Car Removals for your ‘FREE Quote’

    We work 24 X 7 – 365 days a year. So an Operator from our company will always be standing by to take your call. We can be contacted at 0469 129 129. You can also email us using the Form provided on the Top Right of this Page. If you prefer to contact us via Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, feel free to do that ass well.

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